Ministers and sisters


Dr Dariusz Raś, mitred prelate

Born in 1969, orda­ined in 1994,
parish priest sin­ce 2011

Dr Bronisław Fidelus, mitred prelate

Arch­pres­by­ter of St. Mary’s Basi­li­ca
betwe­en 1995 and 2011


ks. mgr lic. Dariusz Głuszko

Born in 1973, orda­ined in 1999


Ks. dr Zbigniew Rapacz

Born in 1959, orda­ined in 1984

Ks. mgr Dariusz Susek

Born in 1980, orda­ined in 2005

Ks. mgr Stanisław Wątorski

Born in 1952, orda­ined in 1977

Ks. mgr lic. Jacek Żurek

Born in 1941, orda­ined in 1966

Ks. mgr Marian Bendyk

Born in 1955, orda­ined in 1982

Assisting ministers

Ks. mgr Miłosz Biela

Born in 1963, orda­ined in 1988

Ks. mgr Zygmunt Filip Badurski

Born in 1963, orda­ined in 1989

Ks. mgr lic. Mariusz Buczewski

Born in 1955, orda­ined in 1982

Serafitki Sisters of the Daughters of Our Lady of Sorrows

s. ​Romana CMBB

s. Bogusława ​CMBB

s. Asteria ​CMBB

s. Anita ​CMBB