Other Services

Besides regular, St. Mary’s Basilica also hosts time-specific and special services, mainly in Polish.

– Our parish fair is held on 15 August, on the Assump­tion of Mary feast day.

– during eve­ry Thurs­day Mass at 6.30 PM, we pray for the inter­ces­sion of St. John Paul II and kiss the Saint’s relic after Mass.

– May Devo­tions: eve­ry day at 6.00 PM befo­re the eve­ning Mass.

– June Devo­tions: eve­ry day after the eve­ning Mass.

– Rosa­ry Devo­tions in Octo­ber: eve­ry day at 6.00 PM befo­re the eve­ning Mass.

– Rora­te Mas­ses: eve­ry day in Advent at 7.00 AM.


Len­ten Lamen­ta­tions: eve­ry Sun­day at 5.30 PM.

Sta­tions of the Cross: eve­ry Fri­day at 5.30 PM.

Cele­bra­tion of Maun­dy Thurs­day, Good Fri­day, and Holy Satur­day: on appro­pria­te days at 7.00 PM.

Servi­ces at the cha­pel of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus:

Cha­plet of the Divi­ne Mer­cy: eve­ry day at 3.00 PM.

– Divi­ne Mer­cy Mass with naming of the dead for whom pray­ers are requ­ested:  third Fri­day of eve­ry month at 3.00 PM.


– Nove­na to Our Lady of Per­pe­tu­al Help on Wednes­days at 6.30 PM.
– Nove­na to Our Lady of Lore­to on Mon­days at 8.00 AM.
– Nove­na to Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn on Fri­days at 8.00 AM.
– Nove­na to Black Madon­na of Czę­sto­cho­wa on Thurs­days and Satur­days at 8.00 AM.
– Nove­na to Jesus on the Cross on Fri­days at 6.30 PM.
– Nove­na to St. Jude Thad­da­eus on Wednes­days at 8.00 AM
– Nove­na to St. Antho­ny of Padua on Tues­days at 8.00

The­re are boxes for thanks and requ­ests at eve­ry cha­pel.