University Mass with Assembly


6.30 PM, Sun­days from Sep­tem­ber to June


Main Altar, St. Mary’s Basi­li­ca

Spiritual guardian

ks. Łukasz Michal­czew­ski


For Thou madest us for Thyself, and our heart is restless, until it repose in Thee”.

(Saint Augu­sti­ne)

We pray on Sundays at 6.30 PM and look for God’s beauty in his Holy Liturgy.


Altho­ugh this Mass is cele­bra­ted in Polish, feel invi­ted to come and pray with us. We sing in Latin and pro­vi­de song books with Holy Mass trans­la­tion. The sang pray­er is led by St. Mary’s Assem­bly.

We look for God in his Word, Song and Holy Cele­bra­tion. Ple­ase join us on Sun­day at 6.30 PM from Sep­tem­ber to June with excep­tion of cer­tain Church holi­days (All Saints’ Day, Chri­st­mas, Easter, Cor­pus Chri­sti). We usu­al­ly are also pre­sent at the Pas­chal Vigil on Holy Satur­day and con­duct the eve­ning ado­ra­tion at the Lord’s Gra­ve on Easter Fri­day.

After the mass we invi­te you to come for a chat and cup of tee.