University Mass with Assembly


6.30 PM, Sundays from Sep­tem­ber to June


Main Altar, St. Mary's Basilica

Spiritual guardian

ks. Łukasz Michalczewski


For Thou madest us for Thyself, and our heart is restless, until it repose in Thee”.

(Saint Augu­sti­ne)

We pray on Sundays at 6.30 PM and look for God’s beauty in his Holy Liturgy.


Altho­ugh this Mass is cele­bra­ted in Polish, feel invi­ted to come and pray with us. We sing in Latin and pro­vi­de song books with Holy Mass trans­la­tion. The sang pray­er is led by St. Mary’s Assem­bly.

We look for God in his Word, Song and Holy Cele­bra­tion. Ple­ase join us on Sun­day at 6.30 PM from Sep­tem­ber to June with excep­tion of cer­tain Church holi­days (All Saints’ Day, Chri­st­mas, Easter, Cor­pus Chri­sti). We usu­al­ly are also pre­sent at the Pas­chal Vigil on Holy Satur­day and con­duct the eve­ning ado­ra­tion at the Lord’s Gra­ve on Easter Fri­day.

After the mass we invi­te you to come for a chat and cup of tee.