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Przekaż ofiarę dla Bazyliki Mariackiej
w Krakowie z użyciem aplikacji Spark

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Przekaż ofiarę dla Bazyliki Mariackiej
w Krakowie z użyciem aplikacji Spark


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Shop „Arkos”
Come to “Arkos”, a sto­re offe­ring devo­tio­nal and church sup­plies. It is loca­ted at 5 St. Mary­’s Square.
pho­ne 12 421 86 61
Open hours:
Monday–Friday — 10.00 AM—6.00 PM
Satur­day — 10.00 AM—2.00 PM

Wit Stwosz Hotel 

A pla­ce worth stop­ping by during your stay in Kra­kow is the Wit Stwosz Hotel, ope­ra­ting sin­ce 1998, loca­ted near the Old Mar­ket Squ­are, in the very cen­ter of the city, at 28 Miko­łaj­ska Stre­et. It is loca­ted in a histo­ric tene­ment house, which dates back to the late Mid­dle Ages.

Ośro­dek wypo­czyn­ko­wo reko­lek­cyj­ny Totus Tuus im. Ks. Kard. Karo­la Woj­ty­ły w Zembrzy­cach

The recre­ation and retre­at cen­ter is espe­cial­ly con­du­ci­ve to con­tem­pla­tion, rela­xa­tion and rela­xa­tion. The faci­li­ty con­si­sts of three com­ple­xes of buil­dings, each of which is cal­led a „Pola­na”. The who­le pro­per­ty is situ­ated on a 14-hec­ta­re fen­ced pro­per­ty, pic­tu­re­squ­ely situ­ated among fore­sts, with a stream.

Pen­sjo­nat Pola 

The three-star „Pen­sjo­nat Pola” in Kra­ko­w’s Bro­no­wi­ce is a histo­ric buil­ding cal­led „Thatch”, which has been resto­red and adap­ted as an accom­mo­da­tion faci­li­ty. The buil­ding is loca­ted at Pod Strze­chą Stre­et No. 14.