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Przekaż ofiarę dla Bazyliki Mariackiej
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EVENTS 14.04.2022

The revitalization of organ instrumentation

Thro­ugho­ut the cen­tu­ries the music of St. Mary’s Church has been clo­se­ly asso­cia­ted with three pipe instru­ments: small organ in the southern aisle, cho­ral and gre­at organs. So they could rega­in the­ir per­fect sound the 21st century…

Concerts 11.03.2019

Rules of concert organisation

The mis­sion of St. Mary’s parish focu­ses main­ly on mini­ste­rial and evan­ge­li­sa­tion acti­vi­ty. Howe­ver, con­si­de­ring its histo­ri­cal and cul­tu­ral sta­tus, we are open to sug­ge­stions of arti­stic events, which are limi­ted to serving the spi­ri­tu­al wel­l­be­ing of our…

EVENTS 11.03.2019

Tours of the Basilica

Thank you for your sup­port in this dif­fi­cult time rela­ted to the COVID-19 epi­de­mic. Thanks to the visits of touri­sts from dif­fe­rent parts of the world, many good things have been achie­ved in St. Mary’s Basi­li­ca. In February…

EVENTS 11.03.2019

Renovation of the Altar of Veit Stoss

HISTORY OF CONSERVATION For cen­tu­ries, as St. Mary’s arch­pres­by­ters have been taking care of one of the gre­atest works of Gothic art in Euro­pe, they have been focu­sing on keeping the valu­able sculp­tu­re of rare beau­ty in the Grand Altar from…

Concerts, Uncategorized 10.05.2018

London Oriana Choir Concert

On Satur­day eve­ning, 26 May 2018 at 19.30 (after the eve­ning Mass), we invi­te You to the St. Mary­’s Basi­li­ca for a con­cert by Lon­don Oria­na Cho­ir from Gre­at Bri­ta­in. The Lon­don Oria­na Cho­ir is one of Britain’s leading…

Concerts 30.08.2017

Saint Mary’s Organ Festival

Saint Mary­’s Organ Festi­val | We would like to invi­te the citi­zens and guests of Cra­cow to the St. Mary­’s Basi­li­ca for the third St. Mary Organ Festi­val. For two years the famo­us Cra­cow Basi­li­ca, known primarily…

Uncategorized 24.11.2016

St Mary’s Organ Festival — 15th Dec 2016, 7.30PM

Arti­sts: CONGAUDEANT gre­go­rian cho­ir, Inte­ru­ni­ver­si­ta­ry Insti­tu­te of Chur­ch Music (direc­tor: s. Susi Fer­fo­glia) Krzysz­tof Paw­lisz – organ Krzysz­tof Dobosz – organ