Tours of the Bugle Tower

Fri­day-Satur­day: 10.05 a.m.−5.30 p.m.
Sun­day: 1.05 p.m.−5.30 p.m.
Mon­day-Thurs­day: clo­sed

Limi­ted num­ber of tic­kets eve­ry day!
In case of bad weather con­di­tions the Tower will be clo­sed for touri­sts!
Chil­dren under 7 are not admit­ted for reasons of safe­ty.


Regu­lar/​​ PLN 15
Children’s (7−18 years old)/​ PLN 10


Visi­tors can’t buy tic­kets in advan­ce. Tic­kets at the tic­ket offi­ce only (Plac Mariac­ki 7) on the same day.

The tower is ente­red from the direc­tion of Flo­riań­ska Stre­et.

A gro­up of no more than 10 people can enter eve­ry 30 minu­tes.

Tic­ket pur­cha­se is equ­iva­lent to accep­tan­ce of the terms and con­di­tions!