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Przekaż ofiarę dla Bazyliki Mariackiej
w Krakowie z użyciem aplikacji Spark


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Christ in the City

Put the Eucharist in the centre of your personal lives and the lives of your communities. Love it, adore it…”

(Saint John Paul II)

meetings: On the last Thurs­day of eve­ry month
con­tact: e‑mail: wspolnota.​chwsm@​gmail.​com
coor­di­na­tor: Jan Barbacki
spi­ri­tu­al guar­dian: ks. Dariusz Susek

On the last Thursday of every month, the Christ in Old Town Community organises Eucharistic adoration at St. Mary’s Basilica.

We all have a lot of things on our pla­te: we work, we stu­dy, we grow, we spend time with our fami­ly and friends. Our goal is to show that we can always find time for silen­ce and pray­er and that the best pla­ce to do it is the Church.


It is a time for pray­er and medi­ta­tion. The church is a peace­ful pla­ce and the dim­med lights and scent of incen­se help feel the mysti­cal pre­sen­ce of God. The cere­mo­ny is accom­pa­nied by sin­ging and discus­sions abo­ut the Bible, but the moments of silen­ce are equ­al­ly as impor­tant. It is clo­sed with a bles­sing from the priest.
Ado­ra­tion lets is find peace and for­get for a moment abo­ut our pro­blems or discuss them with God. If you sho­uld feel the need, you can con­fess your sins or talk to a priest (in fore­ign lan­gu­ages as well).


Some of us (the so-cal­led Field Team) go out into the Main Squ­are Town and the near­by stre­ets and invi­te people to take a moment of the­ir time to visit St. Mary­’s Basi­li­ca. We don’t impo­se any­thing – we are just infor­ming of the mon­th­ly ado­ra­tion, of the oppor­tu­ni­ty to leave your eve­ry­day lives behind for a whi­le and be with God. It is up to you to deci­de if you want to come and for how long you want to stay. To us, the most impor­tant thing is to pro­vi­de the oppor­tu­ni­ty to take part in the Eucha­ri­stic ado­ra­tion in the very cen­tre of Kra­ków.


For eve­ry­one. For people clo­se to the Church and for tho­se a lit­tle distant. For tho­se who have expe­rien­ced the bles­sing of ado­ra­tion and for tho­se who have never been a part of it before.
For us. We have taken the words of John Paul II to put the Eucha­rist in the cen­tre of our lives to heart and are remin­ded of them thro­ugh the mon­th­ly ado­ra­tions, which give us time for tra­nqu­il­li­ty, pray­er, and tal­king to God abo­ut our lives.


As young Catho­lics, we are raising the Com­mo­tion, which was discus­sed and enco­ura­ged by Pope Fran­cis. We don’t want to live in a che­ap way, we want to live our lives to the ful­lest. We are enthu­sia­sti­cal­ly and hap­pi­ly going upstre­am towards the new chal­len­ges of the con­tem­po­ra­ry world. As laics in the Church, we also want to bring others clo­ser to Christ in the spi­rit of the New Evan­ge­li­sa­tion. It’s fascinating!