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Przekaż ofiarę dla Bazyliki Mariackiej
w Krakowie z użyciem aplikacji Spark

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Przekaż ofiarę dla Bazyliki Mariackiej
w Krakowie z użyciem aplikacji Spark


lub na 70 1240 1431 1111 0000 1045 5360 (numer konta parafii)

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Rules of concert organisation

The mission of St. Mary’s parish focuses mainly on ministerial and evangelisation activity. However, considering its historical and cultural status, we are open to suggestions of artistic events, which are limited to serving the spiritual wellbeing of our followers and a sacral nature.

St. Mary’s Church does not allow per­for­man­ces during litur­gy and the pray­er songs sho­uld obey the tra­di­tion of the parish and the Church.

Becau­se our church hosts many con­certs, the employ­ees of the Basi­li­ca are una­ble to ensu­re exten­si­ve orga­ni­sa­tion of arti­stic events. All issu­es asso­cia­ted with con­cert orga­ni­sa­tion (con­tact with the Basilica’s repre­sen­ta­ti­ve, pre­pa­ra­tion of posters or fly­ers, trans­port, accom­mo­da­tion, food, etc) are up to the arti­sts. St. Mary’s Basi­li­ca offers the tem­ple and servi­ces for the dura­tion of the con­cert and a near­by room for rehe­ar­sal — as long as the­re is no distur­ban­ce of mini­ste­rial respon­si­bi­li­ties. The­re is also an option of put­ting up two small posters in the bul­le­tin cabinets.

What are the required formalities?

Orga­ni­sa­tion of a con­cert is sub­ject to an agre­ement signed betwe­en the Basi­li­ca and the arti­sts. The docu­ment esta­bli­shes the con­di­tions for coope­ra­tion, i.e. the following:
— the agre­ement sho­uld be signed no later than 30 days befo­re the plan­ned con­cert date;
— the agre­ement sho­uld inc­lu­de a sta­te­ment of being licen­sed to public­ly per­form the songs;
— becau­se of eve­ry­day con­fes­sion and nume­ro­us Mas­ses, the arti­sts can­not rehe­ar­se (in spe­cial cases, the arti­sts may rehe­ar­se only on selec­ted days after 7:15 PM);
— the pre­sen­ted reper­to­ire sho­uld be per­for­med a capel­la or alter­na­ti­ve­ly be accom­pa­nied by the organs;
— con­certs can take pla­ce after the eve­ning Mass, i.e. after 7.15 PM.

Is it possible to rehearse before performance?

The gro­up may rehe­ar­se in a spe­cial room. In gene­ral, rehe­ar­sals can­not be con­duc­ted in the church, but per­mis­sion may be gran­ted in spe­cial cases.

How much does it cost to organise a concert?

St. Mary’s Basi­li­ca does not char­ge for con­cert spa­ce, but it does have to cover cer­ta­in costs – inc­lu­ding remu­ne­ra­tion for the Basilica’s employ­ees (the con­certs take pla­ce after the wor­king hours of the parish), main­te­nan­ce of the histo­ri­cal organs, heating, and light. The Orga­ni­sers may make a dona­tion of the­ir cho­ice for the­se pur­po­ses as they see fit.

If your gro­up would like to sing at St. Mary’s Basi­li­ca, ple­ase con­tact: biuro@​mariacki.​com