St. Mary’s bells

The shorter tower of St. Mary’s holds four liturgical bells, which compose one of the biggest and oldest groups of medieval bells in Poland.

The olde­st bell, whi­ch rings in G sharp and has the dia­me­ter of 105 cm, is from the turn of the 13th and 14th cen­tu­ries.

The next two bel­ls were cast in the years 1386–1390 by Jan Wey­gel of Spi­šská Nová Ves. They are the Misjo­nał in F sharp with dia­me­ter of 136 cm and the Tene­brat in D sharp with dia­me­ter of 175 cm, with inscrip­tions refer­ring to the Vir­gin Mary.

The big­ge­st bell is cal­led the Pół­zyg­munt, whi­ch rings in C sharp 40, has the dia­me­ter of 180 cm, dates back to 1438, and was made by Jan Freu­den­tal. It was built thanks to the col­lec­ti­ve magna­tes’ foun­da­tion, whi­ch is evi­den­ced in the coats of arms deco­ra­ting it. The bell’s inscrip­tions refer to the Vir­gin Mary.

The last bell, the Dul­ci­mer, was cast in 1564. It was once syn­chro­ni­sed with the clock on the tower and the bugler had to manu­al­ly pull the rope to ring it.